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Boro IT & Business Solutions Limited is led by a highly experienced management team with a track record of experience and expertise knowledge in the Information technology (IT) and Business management consultancy field. Their key objective is to deliver a great value added service to our clients ensuring a sustainable growth in their businesses. The team finds innovative ways that each best practice can change and add value to our clients.

I K D Perera

MIC(UK), M.Sc. International Management (UK), B.Sc.Mgt(Econ)Sp, AMA(SL)

IKD Perera is Co-founder of the Boro IT & Business Solutions Limited. He is responsible for the successful delivery of the business and day to day operations, as well as contributing to the strategic direction and overall profitability of the BITB Solutions . He is accountable for the quality and speed of delivery of the BITB Solutions including Business Development Planning and Strategic Planning services before starting the BITB Solutions in January 2013, IKD Perera worked in various senior business consultants roles in Rodrigo Accounting and Consulting Company, Sri Lanka. He performed duties as a Municipal Councillor /Justice of Peace from 2006 to 2010. He has completed his Masters in International Management at Teesside University in the UK with flying colours which specifically addresses leadership development and the global business challenge also he is Member of Institute of Consulting (MIC) in the UK. He also holds B.Sc. Business Management (Business Economics) special degree at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka and he is Associate Member of the Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka (AMA). He is now focuses on the strategic direction of the company.

IKD Perera has not only the expertise knowledge and experience to assist in a business’s growth and development but he is a person with great management & leadership skills, with lot of inner drive and desire to help support people in many ways and to provide a service to the society. He has a gift for helping individuals and groups by motivating and guiding them towards desired results and drive them towards the success.

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T K S Perera

MSc Computing(University of Teesside, UK). BTech Eng(OUSL). AMIE(SL)

TKS Perera is Co-founder of the Boro IT and Business solution Limited. Through his organization he is always ready to develop customer software applications and provide continuous support for it. His ultimate goal is to provide high quality software for any makes. He brings ten years of diverse experience in IT Support & Solutions to the company. Prior to start Boro IT and Business solution Limited. TKS Perea worked as a system developer at Virtusa Company one of Sri Lankan leading IT Consulting Outsourcing and Agile Software Development Company and world recognized Sir Arthur C Clark Institution. The knowledge gained from such experience provided him with solid foundation and was helped him to specialize in computer field.  TKS Perera was responsible for providing IT Support & Solutions, System implementations, training services and driving strategic change within the business. His background combines considerably IT Support & Solutions experience to business process design and development and maintenance of Information Management Systems. TKS Perera has a M.Sc. in Computing at Teesside University,UK. Post graduate study has given him front – line exposure to the technical advances made in computer field and allowed him to contribute to its immense development. . and  he has undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering in Sri Lanka.

Apart from his paper qualification currently he is an associate member of Engineering Institute in Sri Lanka. Since 2009 Tudugalage has been providing his expertise software applications and development consultancy knowledge to support small and medium customer software development UK.

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