IT Support & Solutions

BITB Solutions will assess your business processes. The only effective way to develop an IT solution is to know exactly where the starting point is, both in terms of IT infrastructure and the abilities of your staff. Knowing the starting point allows us to develop a strategy to provide the framework upon which your IT solutions can be built ensuring that they are developed to meet specific goals and are aligned with your overall business strategy.

Our consultancy model allows us to identify your needs and produce a project plan to effectively support, design and provide cost-effective solutions that are suitable for your organization.

BITB Solutions can design, implement and manage an IT Solution that delivers measurable results. Our goal is to help you cut your costs and reduce complexity in your IT environment while optimising your operations, business agility, and innovation to help you stay competitive. To that end, we provide you with industry-leading Support and Managed Services, Networking,Web and Database Solutions, and other IT Services.
Increase your business agility and reduce your costs
One key to survival in a tough economic climate is business agility: the agility to adapt your business quickly to changing market conditions. How quickly does your IT infrastructure adapt to the introduction of web based transactions, increase online users, and the development of more personalised communications with customers? Can you maintain an agile business while minimising costs? We will help you increase your agility and in doing so, keep you ahead of your competitors.
Post infrastructure setup, business continuity and smooth functioning matters more in terms of organizational viewpoint. That’s way planet solutions offers post care services which provides management/support to the organization’s IT infrastructure which includes wired networks. It relieves the clients of hiring more IT Staff and concentrates more on their business expansion rather than bogged by the systems crashes, viruses, network failures etc.  The highlights of this services includes

We pride ourselves on our extensive IT skills and can provide all you IT requirements including:

Systems analysis

Systems specifications

Software production

Third-party hardware and software procurement, installation and training

On-going IT support