Business Advisory Service

Our business advisory service allows you to get one-on-one coaching and training in the relevant areas in your business. This training includes the management of your business process, systems, finances, and every other aspects necessary for the efficient operation of your business.

Budgeting, financial projections, contract negotiations, employee manuals, assets management, and purchasing are just a few of the target areas of our business advisory service.

Aside from our one-on-one training, we also offer business workshops to be attended by your human resource. Topics of Marketing, Finance, and Business planning are talked about in the workshops that we offer. Customized workshops may also be given, depending on the demands and needs of your business.

With our business advisory service, you can gain increased profits, competitive advantage, and improved business efficiency, among many others.

  • Import Export AdviceImporting products necessary for your business operation? Planning on exporting your own merchandise to achieve business growth?Know that importing and exporting products or goods do not entail simple transactions. This often involve a lot of processes, transactions, and management requirements to be most effectively undertaken.Get the expert business advice on import and export and achieve your aimed business growth.
  • Online Business AdviceIn the advent of modern technology, a lot of conventional, brick and mortar business owners have been deciding to go online for the operation of their business. Having an online enterprise could bring about a lot of advantages and profits, considering the reduced operational expenses of this mode of operation. However; if business growth is what you intend to achieve in your online business, you nevertheless need online business advice from the experts.Avail of our online business advice and be ahead of your competitors. Grow your business, create a brand, and establish your online presence– it’s possible.
  • Bid Writing CoachingIn bidding for a project, know that your bid proposal may dictate the success of your bid. With this, you should come up with a well-written bid in order to win your prospect project.We offer bid writing coaching for your business. In availing of our bid coaching service, you get a first-hand expert advice and coaching that you can use for your future bids.Make sure your bid wins with a well-written bid proposal: and that, we can enable you do come up with.