Boro IT and Business Solutions is a limited  liability company, based in North East England which Is incorporated under company law in England and Wales. Trading name of the business is BITB solutions. We are an IT and Business consultancy service provider offering efficient and effective IT and Business entities. Our team has the expertise to provide IT services and solutions, web design,Business research, business development, project management, business advisory and support Services.

Starting up a new business involves a lot of ground work. The business has to be planned out well from the start and the necessary control systems have to be in place from day one. Our team  will Provide expert advice on all those aspects so that you can run the business effectively and you will be in full control of the business with upto date information. BITB solutions believes that using the Information Technology in every business has not only become necessary but effective use of IT will create an uncompromised competitive advantage for any business to thrive. BITB solutions uses specialized consultants in developing unique solutions for the clients.

The IT and business consultancy services that we offer reviews your businesses needs, capacities, and limitations as the ultimate considerations in your business planning, leading to your business success. We tailor our consultancy services to the unique mechanics of your business.